CSOs for Justice and Accountability for Ethnic Genocide in Myanmar, Global Double Standards on Rohingya Crisis are Strongly Condemn


Dhaka, 24 August, 2023. On August 25, 2017, nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees fled Myanmar’s brutal genocide, seeking refuge in Bangladesh. As the 6th year of this tragic event approaches, Cox’s Bazar CSO and NGO Forum (CCNF) along with Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD) have issued a joint statement demanding justice and accountability for the ethnic genocide. The organizations also strongly condemn the global community’s double standards in addressing the Rohingya crisis.

The statement underscores that despite six years passing, a sustainable resolution to the crisis remains elusive. Bangladesh’s compassionate act of opening its borders to provide sanctuary for the oppressed Rohingya community has now placed the responsibility of resolving the crisis largely on the nation.

The statement emphasizes that addressing the Rohingya crisis should have been a collaborative effort involving international organizations, particularly the United Nations, which has been hindered by certain member states’ negative influence. This failure exposes a substantial gap in the UN’s designated role and raises concerns about the credibility of various countries and organizations.

The joint statement from CCNF and EquityBD strongly denounces the inconsistent positions taken by multiple nations and organizations concerning the Rohingya crisis. It asserts that Myanmar’s military junta is systematically conducting ethnic genocide against the Rohingya population in Rakhine. The organizations urge the imposition of strict penalties on those responsible for the atrocities.

The statement highlights the ongoing suffering of the Rohingya people, who continue to endure the aftermath of brutalities committed by the Myanmar army. Despite undeniable evidence of ethnic genocide, the United Nations and several nations have failed to take decisive action, revealing a distressing hypocrisy.

CCNF and EquityBD call upon Western nations and human rights organizations to move beyond rhetoric and take concrete actions. While acknowledging their role in advocating for refugee rights, the organizations stress the need for a resolute response to the Rohingya crisis, rooted in genuine commitment to justice.

The organizations point out the systemic failure of global mechanisms in addressing the Rohingya crisis. The unchecked actions of the Myanmar army and the repeated inability of the UN to address the issue highlight the gravity of the situation, underscoring a troubling hypocrisy.

CCNF and EquityBD also highlight the evident double standards present. Some Western nations, while vocal in supporting refugee rights, have inadequately addressed the Rohingya crisis, revealing an incongruity between their advocacy for Rohingya refugees and their silence on the atrocities committed by the Myanmar army.

Amid these concerns, the vulnerability of Rohingya refugees has escalated due to insufficient funding. The 2023, seeking USD 876 million, remains only 24.6% funded as of June 1. This dire situation has led to cutbacks in crucial programs and activities, affecting the refugees’ basic needs.

The joint statement concludes with a plea to the international community for immediate action, a unified global response, urgent funding and support, diplomatic pressure for safe repatriation, and an end to complicity in supporting Myanmar’s government.

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