Localization Approach for Rohingya Response


The paper is written by two insiders from local
organizations working in Cox’s Bazar for long time
and also working in Rohingya response since August
2017 influx. They are mobilizing local NGOs through a
NGO / CSO alliance called CCNF (Cox’s Bazar CSO NGO
Forum, www.cxb-cso-ngo.org) and representing them
in different government and UN led committee on this
issue. They believe in behavioral changes or advocacy
through positive engagements and dialogue.
Objective of the paper is to share the experiences and
challenges as well as to highlight what worked well.
Authors of the paper are life long civil society activists,
believing in the development of NGO/ CSO as a third sector
to interplay with market and the state. They have been
actively involved in the WHS (World Humanitarian Summit)
process and mobilized the Bangladeshi NGOs on the Grand
Bargain commitments and they have developed charter of
expectations from UN and INGOs in this regard.
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