Documentary Film Show and Dialogue on Crime Against Humanity with Rohingya Myanmar Junta must be brought to Justice for Genocide and Atrocities


Today 29 May, 2018 in a hotel in Cox’s Bazar COAST Trust and CCNF (Cox’s Bazar CSO NGO Forum) jointly arranged a Documentary Film Show and Dialogue titled “Genocide and Atrocities with Rohingyas should be taken to International Criminal Court”. 150 participants from local, national and international NGOs, UN agencies, local community leaders and journalists watched the three documentaries produced by COAST Trust and reflected their thoughts about it.

The objective of this film show and the dialogue is to bring out the evidences of the crime against humanity happened with the Rohingyas who fled Myanmar to survive a massive genocide and rape. And to submit this evidence to the government of Bangladesh to respond to the invitation of the prosecutor of ICC (International Criminal Court) to submit this evidences to the Pre Trail Chamber 1 in order to bring the Myanmar Junta to justice.

The 3 documentary films are “The Persecuted”, “No Women’s Land” and “Genocide Survivors” which are produced by COAST Trust during August to October 2017. Dhrubo Das was the cinematographer and editor of the films. He also took part in the dialogue and shared the experience of filming and collecting the evidences of genocide and rape.

The panel speakers in the podium were Proggananda Bhikkhu, Assistant Director of Ramu Central Sima Mahabihar, Mukti Cox’s Bazar’s Chief Executive Bimal Chandra Day Sarkar, Journalist Mohammad Jinnat Ali, the local representative of The Daily Star, COAST Trust’s Assistant Director Moqbul Ahmed and Regional Team Leader Jahangir Alam. The dialogue was chaired by the Co-Chair of CCNF and Executive Director of PHALS Abu Murshed Chowdhury.

There was spontaneous reflection from the audience about the crime happened in Myanmar and they also urged the government of Bangladesh not to miss the opportunity of submitting this to the ICC (International Criminal Court) by 11 June 2018. They also repeatedly mentioned about creating pressure by the international community with their government and the agencies they work with.

There were a good turnout of the international community in the dialogue including the UN agencies and International Humanitarian Organisations. However, they kept silent in the dialogue.

In the concluding remarks it was announced that tomorrow 30 May 2018 CCNF, COAST and other local CSO and NGO will stand in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Cox’s Bazar and hand over a memorandum to the Prime Minister through the DC urging to respond to the invitation of the ICC. Myanmar Junta must be brought to justice was the call for the event.

Please find the Bangla Press Release of the event and the photographs here. [Bangla Press]


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