Cox’s Bazar Civil Society NGO Forum (CCNF) has visited the spot of the infernal incident that took place on August 21 in Harbang Union of Chakaria Upazila of Cox’s Bazar


On Monday (August 24) at 10 am, the CCNF team reached the South Paharchada area of Harbang Union, Chakaria and talked to local eyewitnesses.

They went to Harbang Union Parishad and heard the description of the incident from the Chairman, Member, Secretary, Village Police (Chowkidar). CCNF members met with legal aid lawyers in connection with the torture of five people, including a mother and daughter, who were tied up with ropes.

In particular, during the meeting with Advocate Umar Farooq, general secretary of the Chakaria Bar Association, they raised the issue of the three victims, including a mother and daughter who were granted bail on the same day.

Advocate Omar Farooq told CCNF members that the decision of the District Bar Association would provide maximum legal assistance to the victims as well as co-operation if they wanted to seek legal recourse for defamation and human rights violations. The district administration has already formed an investigation team headed by the deputy secretary of the Cox’s Bazar local government department. Similarly, Upazila Administration and Investigation Committee has been formed. The investigation team will submit the report within seven working days.

On the other hand, the Chakariya Senior Judicial Magistrate Court has taken a case on its own initiative in the burning incident of Harbang. Judge Rajiv Kumar Dev directed the senior assistant superintendent of police of Chakaria Circle to file a report within seven working days. Police have already arrested three people in connection with the incident.

The team formed by the Cox’s Bazar district administration visited the spot on Monday and took statements from the concerned including the UP chairman.

In this regard, CCNF co-chair Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said, “Two separate investigation committees have been formed from the district and upazila administrations. Hopefully the real mystery will come out in their investigation.” He demanded a fair trial.

Another co-chair Abu Morshed Chowdhury said “The wise court will decide who is guilty and who is not. It is not acceptable for anyone to take the law into his own hands before the trial.” He demanded a proper investigation and trial.

Mukti chief executive and CCNF co-chair Bimal Chandra Dey said “Such inhumane act is totally unexpected. The issue of Chakaria Harbang is a severe violation of human rights.”

CCNF member and Agrayatra chairman Nilima Akhter Chowdhury said “The whole thing was an inhuman and tragic incident.” She also said, “I have personally visited the place and talked to the common people. They themselves have admitted that it is never possible for a civilized society to tie a rope around the waist and take someone in a medieval manner.” She demanded proper justice for such incidents.

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