Discipline in Relief Operation for Rohingya Refugees is Visible: Special care for Pregnant Mothers and Children is Needed


Many sources are confirming the number of Rohingya refugees recently fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh is now beyond 500 thousand and it is still counting! UN forecasts that the number cam be 1 million at the end of this year. Among the Rohingya refugees recently fled from Myanmar there are about 86 thousand families, 70 thousands pregnant women. There are 230 new born babies in newly built temporary camps while 1300 children have become orphan.
Some changes in relief operation management have been took in place. Bangladesh Army has been deployed and they are working to ensure discipline in the areas and in relief works. Road side tents are not there, almost all refugees have been tent to temporary shelters in specific areas. Some tube-wells and toilets have been established by the different NGOs. Still these are far from the needs.Now none is getting relief without token, some discipline has been established. Relief operation is now a bit organised.

COAST Trust is regularly producing update on the crisis, relief operation and COAST Humanitarian Responses to the crisis. The 4th update is now available. [Click here for the full report]

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