“JRP 2021: Is It Going Beyond or Business As Usual? “ Comments from local and national NGO representatives in SEG on draft JRP 2021


Introduction: This is the draft comments from local and national NGO representatives in SEG (Strategic Executive Group) on draft JRP (Joint Response Plan) 2021 in Rohingya Response. We have 10 points related to the process or major proposals. On top of that, section 12 is the additional comments by sectors in a matrix. We believe in positive engagement with both government and UN for Rohigya response, but without abandoning the critical perspective.

Our futuristic approach is the basis of analysis: The following premises are considered to make comments on JRP 2021:

  • Consider Rohingya crisis as an indefinite protracted crisis. Ensure human dignity until repatriation especially to the youth who are more than 60% of refugee population.
  • Locals still have positive attitude towards Rohingya refugees what is observed in August 2017. So, there is a possibility to apply Whole of Society Approach (WoSA) in the response. Local NGOs showed examples through advocacy and social cohesion.
  • Bangladeshi national and local CSO/NGO have gained professionalism and maturity to run humanitarian response and stir the public opinion. Consider IASC definition on local and national organizations. Local CSO/NGO should lead from the front for sustainability, accountability to facilitate a right based society in Cox’s Bazar.
  • Future Rohingya response need to be able to cope with the reduced level of aid. Continuous and consistent try out should be in place to reduce management cost and enhance direct benefits to affected population.

Environment recovery of Ukhiya and Teknaf have to be regenerated in earliest possible time with all necessary steps especially in respect of water and waste management. [Details Report]

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