PHALS SRH /Reproductive health care service for Rohinghya Female


Considering the population growth and other STI PHALS (Programme for Helpless And Lagged Societies) based in Cox’sBazar, has carried out SRH & Family planning program among the newly arrived FDMN. With the collaboration of IPPF South Asia PHALS providing mentioned Health care, awareness on different health related issue including HIV AIDS etc. to Rohinghya Female and also providing Dignity /Clean delivery KID to the different Roghinghya Female groups through PHALS integrated service center of Balukhali ,Camp-8. Wherein about 33,113 persons got direct services as per record ,out of the total beneficiaries 1541 woman, 314 Pregnant women, 542 men/boys and 193 numbers of female adolescents got SRH treatment. Two experienced Doctor ,One paramedic ,one counselor, one pharmacist and 8 community volunteers worked hard to make the humanitarian programme success .

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