Reinstate Legal One Step Service of NGO Bureau and Droop Unnecessary Complications


Dhaka, 17th December 2017. Today CCNF (Cox’s Bazar CSO NGO Forum) a body of local NGO and civil society who are working in Cox’s Bazar in Rohingya emergency humanitarian assistance has demanded the Reinstatement of legal one step service of NGO Bureau in view of no 43 law of 2016 and also urge to drop unnecessary complications in this regard. They said that due to recent government instructions for security clearance from Home and Foreign Ministry since the middle of November all the projects are being delayed and in limbo still. The press conference was moderated by COAST Executive Director Rezaul Karim Chowdhury who is also a Co-Chair of CCNF. Other speakers are Abu Morshed Chowdhury another Co Chair and Executive Director PHALS, AKM Jashim Uddin Director ADAB (Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh) and Nazer Ahmed Executive Director ISDE.
Abu Morshed Chowdhury of CCNF in his brief said that if these delayed will continue further then health activities in Rohingya camp which are in under threats of Diphtheria epidemic and also in the threats of cold weather will be in jeopardy, NGOs have to withdraw operation by the end of December. Along with the demand of reinstatement of legal one step service of Bureau he putted other six key demands, (i) by next 24 hours all projects should be approved as it was agreed in a meeting in Prime Minister office on last Thursday with INGO representatives, (ii) these approval should be in view of the list provided by Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar who is the legal authority to supervise NGO activities, (iii) the lapse time should be considered as extensions of the project, (iv) emergency project duration should be extended from 3 to 12 months, (v) Bureau should also give importance to awareness, education and innovative activities and (vi) there should immediate deployment of full pledged Director General in the Bureau, the post has been vacant for last 8 weeks.
AKM Jashim Uddin of ADAB in his speech said that, there are no evidence that Bureau registered NGOs has involved in fundamentalist propaganda so far, while NGOs has good track record of promoting the four principles of liberation war, especially the secularism. Rather if NGOs are withdrawn from the camp then these traumatized Rohingyas may fall in the trap of fundamentalist forces. Nazer Ahmed of ISDE said that, the nation have the pride of having discipline and organized relief work due to the presence of army and district administration, which is a milestone to keep our Prime Minister commitment. If NGOs are withdrawn then whole operation will be monopolize by UN agencies who are now being criticized for costly emergency operation, e.g., there are around 1000 foreign expatriate working now in Cox’s Bazar, if they spend per day dollar 300, then it is per day cost of taka 2 corer 40 lacs.
Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of CCNF and COAST has said that, there are evidence that donors are withdrawing their letter of intent of funding and do not want to place the fund due to such a delay and complications.
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